The Empowerment

This article is brought to us by a Young and Gifted brotha, In my humble opinion, he is a blessing to us all, Mr. Laymon Hicks. You can follow him on Twitter by clicking HERE and you can sign up to his Facebook page by clicking HERE. We thank you again for supporting “Guest Blog … Continue reading

Baptism: As a Man Thinkth so is He……

The inspiration behind this post came from different pieces from several different sources; (Thanks to Tiffany and Chrystal) then I had a flashback I would like to share and discuss. Awhile ago, I volunteered and went to one of my PBM bruh’s church to receive spiritual nourishment. When the service concluded, the Pastor asked, “If … Continue reading

Faith: Daring to go where the eyes can’t see…..

“Faith see’s the invisible, believes in the incredible, and receives the impossible” ~ Anonymous I typically don’t consider myself a motivational speaker or anything of that nature, but this topic of discussion came to me as I was reading. I glanced at my bookmark and was inspired (The quote from above is from the bookmark). … Continue reading