“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” ~Dr. Seuss

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This page came into existence thanks to a good person (Ms. Shannan O.). I would like to thank her for this idea! The purpose of this page is to share the wisdom and knowledge that I have received from several books and newspaper. By clicking on the title, I have provided for you the cheapest place to order the book! So, your work is just to pay, also if you have any suggested books please email them to me at and I can add them to the list, and I will read them as well. “Turning on the light” I like to call it, but before I give the list of recommended books, newspaper, and blog, here’s a little story…..

“Turning on the light”

There was a man in a very dark room eating a bowl of “spaghetti”. He was just eating away, he had sauce all over his face. A man came into the dark room and turned on the light. The man that was eating the spaghetti looked down at his bowl and noticed he was eating worms covered in red sauce. The man who was eating the worms then became very angry with the man for cutting on the light!!

Lesson: Please don’t get mad at a person for showing you some truth or wisdom (turning on the light), get mad at the man who gave you the lies and disguised it as truth (man who gave him the bowl of worms). So let’s turn on the light switch!!!!!

Recommended Books

“100 Amazing Facts About the Negro by J.A. Rogers – I believe the first step in understanding anything or love anyone is to “Know thy self”. How can you love what you don’t know….this book provides proof of 100 facts about Black people that you didn’t know. Seeing the good things we have done in civilization, gives us self confidence not to believe the lies that we come from jungles.

The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews Vol 2 by Nation of Islam Research Department – A personal favorite, this book is a must have. The information contained in the book is from Jewish Scholars, and Rabbi’s themselves. This book outline the Jews involvement in the Black Economy and how they orchestrated the slave trade to their involvement in the Jim Crow laws from the mouth of their OWN Jewish Scholars.

None Dare Call it Conspiracy by Gary Allen – One of the first books I read in high school. This book reveals and makes the reader aware of the tiny elite group of bankers that control the government. Several families (Rockefellers, Rothschild, Bush) have strategically created an institution that only profit a certain few. In my opinion the author did a wonderful job providing facts and sources where you can follow along, then look outside today and see how its all happening.

Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins – I just finished reading this book and WOW! Mr. Perkins who was the Chief Economist for a strategic consulting firm, shows how he helped bring down world leaders through political tricks and corruption. He shows how his company helped out in tricking resource rich but poor countries into giving contracts to American businesses and how they used organization like the World Bank to disguise what is going on. once you read this, you will understand why the U.S. favor certain leaders and why the media talk bad about other ones, justifying the U.S. removing that leader out of power. Very GOOD book.

Recommended Newspaper

FinalCall – The Finalcall Newspaper comes out once a week. This is a black owned paper and it’s filled with the side of the story that mainstream papers will not print. Plenty of times have I wrote reports in college based on articles I read about in the FinalCall newspaper.

New York Times – There online version is FREE, I try to read it every morning. They will publish good stories but you have to know how to read below the surface of what they are telling you. The Times do give you stories your local paper will not Publish, very informative paper.

Recommended Bloggers

Bro. Jesse – This Brother actually helped with my questions about blogging and is giving me great advice. I that you would pay a visit and support our Brother!

For Free E-Book, Free Tips and staying informed with important news articles Please Sign up by clicking HERE

2 Responses to “Bookstore”
  1. yaqub2010 says:

    Those are some great books that you listed above…I love some J.A. Rogers, but I have some done some analysis on some of the historians of his era and found some interesting facts…I will write about it soon on my blog….

    As Salaamu Alaykkum Akh

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