Who is Artiium

“Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do”

Welcome to Artiium’s Two Sides to a Story blog,

Born February 28, 1985  in Shreveport, LA in LSU hospital, I was raised in a family that consisted of a father (my role model) and a mother, blessed with 3 older (Carl JR, Gina, and Steven) and 2 younger siblings (Jahwaan and Syia). In this instance, I always had someone to talk to while growing up. This blog is dedicated to those that want to seek truth and understanding from different issues that affect the way we perceive reality. I’m open to any information that would help me on my journey in this quest.

More information on me……..


Student in the life giving teachings of The Nation of Islam

Bachelor of Science in Economics – Florida State University

Master in Business Administration/Marketing – Keiser University Graduate School

Soon to be attending THE University of Miami (Go ‘Canes!!!!!!!)


The following organizations have been influential in fostering some life-long friendships that I’ve been blessed to have!!!!

PBM (Progressive Black Men, Inc.) – As one of the members of the “Elite” 8th Class, this is the only class that the org didn’t want (lol), but the class that holds it together. If you would like to have fun, I can promise you someone from our class is present! I love my all my bruhs but a special shout out to (Anthony W, Rob, Kenny C, Jamal, David H.) Also my bruh’s who aren’t 8th class that have been apart of my growth (Dana, Sheldon, Shevy) and all the bruhs too many to name!

Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Inc – I crossed into this “Illustrious” fraternity in the Summer of 2007. Our ship I.S. Mavricks, consists of my line brothers who are not only my bruhs because of the organization, but also they have become true brothers of mine: Chris “Beat Box” Pierre and the tail Aaron “Grimace” Brunson. Also special shout out to my prophytes Reggie, and Jay “MF” Brown (lol).

From left to right (Anthony, Artiium, Jamal, & Rob)

from left to right (Aaron, Artiium, Jamal & Dana)

from left to right (Aaron, Artiium, & Chris P.)

3 Responses to “Who is Artiium”
  1. Your wife ;) says:

    Great start to ur blog. I like it!! 

    • Man_Of_ Finance$$$A.W.B says:

      I am looking forward to mor epost. Just educate me on how to receive them in the near future.

  2. I love this blog T’! Keep pushing and inspiring minds everywhere!

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