From #BlackLivesMatter to #AllLivesMatter…The Whitewash

From #BlackLivesMatter to #AllLivesMatter The Whitewash



This particular article was inspired by the recent wrongful deaths of Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Amir Rice and the three Muslims students at UNC.

Thanks to the twitter soldiers (specifically #BlackTwitter) these horrific crimes that might have gotten swept under the rug were brought to the national stage. The lack of national news media coverage says something deeper, that the lives of people of color don’t matter. Out of this injustice and pain the social media hash-tag #BlackLivesMatter was born.

However, many white “supporters” and tweeters now feel it should be #AllLivesMatter. Are we witnessing the whitewashing of a black movement, is it possible to take a look at history and see a similar pattern? Of course we can, Minister Farrakhan (My spiritual teacher and guide) teaches us that history is best qualified to reward our research. I want to examine, with a careful critic, the March on Washington.

The March on Washington was a march to raise the ugly truth about America on a national scale, to being whitewashed as a march where everyone is holding hands and singing together, which is what we learned in school or the peaceful march that always shown in documentaries. Remember, there are always two sides to a story.


Now before we begin, there’s always a romanticism of history that those who tell the story want to portray. In other words, omitting key elements and events to romance the story in a manner that our oppressors can feel less guilty and that highlights what they want us to accept. An example of this is what we’re been told about the Pilgrims leaving for religious freedoms to start a new life in America. We’re told that the Pilgrims sat with the Natives and drank tea peacefully… and that’s how America was started.

The same narrative took place concerning the March on Washington DC in 1963, the average person will tell you about the peace, holding hands and the wonderful speech from our Brother Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave. I am not trying to take away from such a historical event. But instead I’m attempting to show how the underlining white washings of the March, systematically altered the aim and original purpose of the March, making the march almost entirely ineffective of its original objective, which was to highlight America’s ugly reality and demanding change.

After a carefully examination we will see the transformation of #BlackLivesMatter to #AllLivesMatter, the white washing process have already began. The idea of a masses of blacks marching on Washington was originally the brainchild of the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters’ A. Philip Randolph. They envisioned thousands of black brothers converging together upon Washington–to lie down in the streets, on airport runways, on government lawns–demanding of the Congress and the White House some concrete civil rights action. The only problem, this was this was an idea with very loose ends of organizations and financing, but the spirit and murmuring was loud enough to catch the ear of the white leadership in Washington. The idea and thoughts of an organized protest lead by “radical” black youth caused the White House to devise a plan, a plan that would cause any student studying how “integration” can weaken the black man’s movement would have witnessed a master lesson.


In the media there were many known issues among the civil rights groups over finances as mentioned in the New York Times articles (Please see archives here). A very strategic effort by the media, that is widely known to exploit differences within our community to keep us from working together, setting up the perfect bait, money as the tool of control. In New York City, a meeting was called for the “Big 6” (Name given to the six leading civil rights organizations at that time) where an amount of $800,000 was donated by a white philanthropic agency; this money was donated to a United Civil Rights Leadership Council that was organized by the “Big Six”. This black unity was tied to the bribery of money, attached to this “gift” was the string of white washing in which none of the “Big 6” could foresee.

Minister Farrakhan teaches us we can’t fathom the depth of wickedness of Satan. The “liberal” media went to work, promoting a March on Washington led by the “Big 6” and famous “leaders” were now endorsing the March; which lead to the strategic endorsement of four famous key white figures: A Catholic, A Jew, A Protestant and one labor boss (Matthew Ahman , Reverend Eugene Carson Blake, Rabbi Joachim Prinz, Walter Reuther), this was done to win the support of white “moderates” as insurance the March would be supervised (go in the direction that makes it appealing to white supporters) and safe for whites to join, which would bring over the bourgeois Negroes–the very so-called “middle class” and “upper class” who had earlier been deploring the March on Washington talk by grass-roots common black citizens. The “angry blacks” March suddenly was given the white approval. For the status-seeker, it was a status symbol. “Were you there?” attitude, not there for change but to be seen.


Talk about “integrated”. It was like salt and pepper. And, by now, there wasn’t a single logistics aspect uncontrolled. The marchers had been instructed to bring no signs, signs were provided. They had been told to sing one song: “We Shall Overcome.” They had been told how to arrive, when, where to arrive, where to assemble, when to start marching, the route to march. It went from the common man’s march to express the bitter hatred being experienced daily to angry revolutionists all harmonizing “We Shall Overcome. . .Some Day. . .” while tripping and swaying along arm-in-arm with the very people they were supposed to be angrily revolting against? The speakers were given a certain time limit to speak and all their speeches needed to be pre-approved.


The March Schedule and outline from signs to time-à Click Here


Has this happened again to #BlackLivesMatter changing to #AllLivesMatter? Did the joining of young whites in the streets (which is perfectly fine to fight for justice in an unjust system by all) allowed them entitlement, the same entitlement that they experience daily in a system where being white is right? Are we repeating history because of the failure to properly research and educate our children on how wicked an oppressive system operates.

The Holy Quran teaches when an unrighteous person brings you news (whites organizations wanting to finance or back our causes) carefully look into it. Minister Farrakhan teaches us that Satan deeds appear to be good but there is always an evil objective and motive attached to it. I am not saying white people can not fight with us against their own mindset which creates racist and unjust laws (the laws are created out of the attitude of the law creator). However, we as a people have to take up our own fight and stop seeking the approval of our oppressors children to join us in order for us to feel it will work. We must remember that #BlackLivesMatter because ALL life comes from the black woman.



Thank you for taking the time out your day to read this blog article that is long over due! Anything that is written is free to be questioned and I welcome all opposing or agreeing views for understanding is what I seek.


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