Brothers 4 Unity

“If all my friends were to jump off a bridge, I wouldn’t jump with them, I’d be at the bottom to catch them”

Peace and Blessings reader! I know it has been long over due for this post, but by God’s permission I hope the wait was well worth it. This entry is a little different from my “normal” post. This entry is a reflection of a wonderful journey that took 40 days to complete, I was blessed to experience with a group of guys that have now become apart of my family…. I have to give thanks to Allah (God) for the blessings through Jamal Myrick, Dana Ford aka “Anad Sharif, Robert Bateau, Anthony Wright, and Sheldon Jordan. These distinguish gentleman contributed to my spiritual growth and because this journey was centered around God our bond is a bond that can’t be broken.

If you are curious as to what journey we took it was a spiritual journey centered around this book called “The Purpose Driven Life  ” by Rick Warren. This book is  Christian centered with the purpose to   bring its readers  closer   to their creator. You maybe wondering what is a Muslim doing participating in a journey like this, well at first even I was hesitant, but its interesting how I still managed to find myself in the journey, the answer  is coming up in a few brief moments. As far as my knowledge, I have to give credit to Bro. Jamal for being blessed with the idea to partake in such a marvelous experience. He notified all the brotha’s to see who wanted to participate in this journey. When I received the beautiful invitation, I pondered and thought about it, at the same time I was just baptizing (immersing) myself in the teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad under the leadership and guidance of Minister Louis Farrakhan, so I actually decline the invitation out of lack of self confidence (wasn’t sure I could articulate and relate in the journey), and didn’t want the brotherhood thinking I’m trying to covert anyone (there’s no compulsory in Islam). However, faith would have a different plan. While calling in to a different conference call that involved the brotherhood, I overheard Mr. Sheldon give a beautiful summary of a lesson the book covered on God. As I sat and listened to my brotha and felt the spirit of truth through his words, my mind was made up! I thought, in the Qur’an Allah (God) loves and rewards the DOER of good, and I’m striving to follow in the footsteps of Jesus, who did nothing but good, then how can I not want to be involved in this wonderful mission of self improvement. Once Mr. Jordan finished talking, I immediately said “Bruh’s I would like to rethink my decision and I would love to be apart of this experience” they accepted me with humbled hearts and opened arms.

I’m not going to give you a day by day analysis (lol that would take forever) but an understanding of what we were blessed to experience, each day brought about a new aspect of faith, certain principles that were important in our relationship with God. We would proceed to ask challenging questions that would foster an in depth analysis of the chapter or principle(s) that we were going over. We all realized the deeper meaning of Love. This was proven as how our relationship with each other grew deeper. We were all on the same page that during this journey we planned a “Bruh’s trip” to Tampa, Fl. There we were holding each other accountable but yet demonstrated Love. Why love? Well, through our understanding we came to understand that God tests those he Love, and love was a prerequisite in order to be a disciple of Jesus, (John 13:35) “By this all men will know that you are my disciples if you have love for one another”. Throughout the Holy Qur’an its states “Allah loves the doers of good”, each respective verse shows that love must be demonstrated in order to start the journey towards God. This love was definitely developed on this journey. We also know that this new confession of dedication to live a  “Christ-like” life would bring on many trials and test. If you study the prophets of the Bible, they all suffered in one way or another when they wanted to walk or live that live that brought them closer to the Father, Jesus being the ultimate example of what it would take to submit your will to do the will of the Father. The Holy Qur’an (Sura 29:2) “Do men fancy that they will be left just upon their declaring, “We believe, and they will not be tested?” As the group began working on dedicating ourselves to our respective religions and faiths, many of us were faced with challenges that tested our faith. This was clear proof that God wanted to see if the words spoken from our lips was congruent to our actions. Our Brother Dana has been saving up for a car that he really wanted but a situation happened where he may have to sacrifice that money for a relative, our Bro. Jamal had problems with his family where the roof over his head may not be anymore, and I was faced with making a decision on a relationship that I had with a young lady for 4.5 years or to step out on faith and seek a relationship on the principles of my faith that my heart wanted, or  our Bro. Rob getting on the call despite working from 8-10pm most nights, still making the call.. These were just a few of the test that some of us experienced. As we all discussed our solutions and  how hard they were we knew that to stand on with the spirit of truth, we would over come these minor problems (I use the word minor because with a source as God backing you, nothing is big in his eyes, cause HE has the power to help us overcome all). Philippians 4:13 states “We can do all things through Christ, who strengthens us.” Bro. Dana made that Godly sacrifice, our Bro. Jamal found housing and I ended my 4.5-year relationship, and I think God has answered my prayers with a blessing. We all just can bear witness to the rewards of a trial.

As our last day of the 40 day journey approach, we all shared the valuable lessons that we had learned, we shared areas where we have gained tremendous strength where we were once weak and we each critique each others growth and made humble suggestions to each person on how he can continue to grow in God’s likeness. As I personally listened to each person, a brotha had a moment on the phone were tears were shed, I too, shed a few silent tears, not out of total sadness (I was sad the calls were ending, I once looked forward to 8pm each day!) but out of joy that Allah (God) would allow me to grow closer with my Christian family. These phone calls were bigger than us personally, we, on the bigger scale were exemplifying the principles and the essence in which God wanted us to grow. Our friendship is now center around God, a love that is manifested out of our pursuit towards God was born between each of us; after many of the conference calls we found ourselves sharing our deepest secrets and exposing our vulnerable side to the group. Each night we ended the call telling the group how much we loved each other. Most black men may go their whole life without uttering those words to another black male friend. I’m in no way or form exalting these individuals over any one else in my life, just taking the time to share a blessing that I gained. I hope this will help those to appreciate those special individuals in your life, and take new journeys with your friends!

Throughout life’s  journeys God send you special people that allow you to grow, I thank HIM for this special group of young men, who I pray continue to spread their talents with the world. I know they heard it a million times before and I’ll say it again;  “I love ya’ll” This song is dedicated to my “Brothers”

Seeker of truth, Spreader of Love,

Artiium X

The “Mad” “Radical” and “Angry” blogger

3 Responses to “Brothers 4 Unity”
  1. I Loved reading this I am proud of all of you

  2. Miriam says:

    As salaam alaikum Brother,
    EID MUBUARAK!!!May Allah s.w.t. accept our Ramadan and grant us paradise!

    You said:
    “You may be wondering what is a Muslim doing participating in a journey like this, well at first even I was hesitant, but it’s interesting how I still managed to find myself in the journey, the answer is coming up in a few brief moments.”

    My reply:

    My “school of thought” concerning the use of non-Islamic resources used to strengthen one’s faith or improve one’s life is that it’s unhealthy to limit one’s self. At one time in Muslim history there were over 100 schools of jurisprudence. Diversity of thought within Islam has always been there but it is modern day Muslims who have debased themselves with the scourge of extremism. Our history as Muslims the world over demonstrates an interdependence between various civilizations.

    I often listen to a science of mind teacher and I clearly can find ayahs and hadith to support many of her teachings. Actually, I’ve heard quote Rumi and some other Muslim sages. I believe that several Catholics used the work of Islamic Philosophers in their own academies.

    You said:
    “I ended my 4.5-year relationship, and I think God has answered my prayers with a blessing. We all just can bear witness to the rewards of a trial.”

    My Reply:

    “ May Allah s.w.t. grant us power, victory, and authority over our ego’s, our flesh, our weaknesses, our faults, our mistakes, our ignorance, and the evil of our own soul. May Allah s.w.t. elevate our rank before his eyes and enable us to see everything through his eyes so that we may do his will and not our own.”


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