Born to Struggle, Built to Win

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This post took longer than usual because when I thought I was complete, another inspiration would come up and I would have to re-write the whole post, but I would like to thank God for my current bruhs (Sheldon, Rob, Dana, and Jamal) because through this book club journey that we are embarking on, many of my inspirations came from them. Born to struggle, if we examine the life that we all are blessed to have, everyone of us endure some type of struggle to get to the point where we are now. After studying the teachings of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, I found a lesson in where it shows the beginning aspect of Christianity and Islam. One interesting observation I see is that Christianity does not take its’ beginning from the birth of Jesus; nor does it have its origin from the ministry of Jesus. But Christianity takes it beginning from the most painful and crucial aspect of his life. It begins on the basis of his passion under the judicial decree of crucifixion. Islam is very similar, Islam doesn’t start its calendar from the birth of prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, nor does Islam begins its calendar from the first revelation of God to Muhammad. But Islam begins its history, its calendar with a death plot against the life of the prophet from which he escapes and fled his enemies. So here you see both of these religions start at a painful but critical hour just like your and my life.

The origin of life is a very painful process, and the start of our life, just like the origin of our religions, begin at a painful moment. Now, the act of creating life may not be painful 🙂 but the very journey to start life is a STRUGGLE. Lets examine how God created this process, before we became this flesh and blood that we are now, we all were sperm from the lions of our father, now the journey for that sperm was a STRUGGLE, if we remember anything from anatomy, we learn that even within the woman’s vagina there are certain chemicals that kill millions of the weaker sperms, right from this point the strong of the strong survives, now the journey of our live is just beginning because the sperm still has to travel through the cervix where many other ones are killed off or don’t make it, then the struggle continues because they have to penetrate the egg and successfully fertilize the egg. From this brief shorten description of the reproductive journey of life, you can see that the start of life is a STRUGGLE, (and most of us after the 9 months come out crying) but YOU was the strongest of the strongest to make it showing that you are built to win.

Once we arrive in this would our struggles aren’t over, for just like as we are in our infant stage, so are our struggles, we gain the ability to crawl, then walk, then we start to run only after mastering the struggles of learning how to balance ourselves, and now we are or growing to be strong adults. The same is true when we enter our mental maturity. As we face these struggles (school, parents, even our own self) there’s a lesson here. That even in our darkest hour, an hour when you think you should give up because the forces arrayed against you are so mighty; so powerful; and they look as though they have totally overwhelmed you, it is in that hour that your greatest opportunity for triumph is in you, because God created us to win. If the Bible states that we were “created in his image and after HIS likeness” then God placed within us that seed of success.We just have to water that seed of success with FAITH, as our faith grows and we know we backed by that unbeatable power, then you see a person take on great challenges and win. Its in that hour of weakness that God created our hearts to be humble and open to receive him, it is then, when we going through it financially and the rent money is looking low, or when your boyfriend/girlfriend is trying your last patience and your about to break. The Bible says (2 Corinthians 9-10) “For the sake of Christ, then, I am content with weaknesses, insults, hardships, persecutions, and calamities. For when I am weak, then I am strong.” You ever notice that after going through something and you look at your weakest moment you can see how with your Faith you regained strength and now your stronger than before. Some of us may have pledged and had those moments where you thought you couldn’t make it, or where you on that journey to graduate and its looking like you may not walk across that stage or whatever struggled you endured, I cant count the many nights where I been in the bathroom sobbing, and asking God to grant me the strength to endure this journey. Through it all we waited like Job, and we knew, “I will wait until my change comes” and in order to grower wiser, all we have to do is reflect on our journey and understand the quality of strength we gained, the Holy Qu’ran says, “In the alternation of the day and the night, in this are signs for those who reflect”

From these struggles comes change, a proper understanding through the reflection of our struggles gives us knowledge and once you understand that struggle you been through, your mindset starts to change for the better, which leads to a person doing better in the real world people say you are……..”Mature” now. Maturity meaning you have the mental ability to decipher between behavior that is acceptable and act on that progress in a way that separates you from those who are immature. This is why many of us find ourselves with a new set of friends from those we started with in elementary to middle and high school to college and beyond.

In order for us to continue the evolutionary journey towards perfection, we must remain humble and know that nature and life is critical. History of our own life shows that there is difficulty, and, after you’ve mastered the difficulty, there is ease. When ease comes, a new challenge is going to be presented. All of this is God’s way of making sure we don’t fall victims to being content! So lets keep striving and know that we are born to struggle BUT we are built to win! Peace and Blessings!

I would like to thank you the reader for your support and hope that your little brother may have shed some inspiration as inspiration has been given to me by God, my family, my bruhs/sistas, and even strangers.

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Seeker of truth, Spreader of Love,

Artiium X

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  1. Miriam says:


    Right on time!

    Outstanding sir!

    Please keep it comming!!!

    Salaam alaikum


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