Clear Signs

Peace and Blessing Reader, our next guest is a brilliant sista that I “cyber” met on twitter. I’ve had the wonderful opportunities to read her thoughts and expressions via twitter, her tweets will have you retweeting them to the people you know, giving you something to think about! This sista I speak of is Ms. Aqueelah Sabriyah To experience the profound magnitude of her tweets, you can follow her by clicking HERE We thank you for supporting “Guest Blog Week” and we present to you “Clear Signs” by Ms. Aqueelah Sabriyah. Enjoy!

“Clear Signs”

The actual definition of sure is to be confident, as of something expected; free from doubt as to the reliability, character, action, etc., of something. But it seems that in today’s culture that sure is just a passive, unchallenging affirmation to an agreement or occurrence in life.

Well, in the latter sense I had always been sure about my four year relationship with my boyfriend; he was my best friend and my constant companion, basically he was my everything. But towards the end of the relationship we started having intense debates on something that should be the foundation of any lasting romantic relationship: FAITH.

I was on the path towards Islam and although he had grown up in Christianity, he had started moving away from organized religion all together. At first we consciously avoided religious topics. However avoidance can only last for a short time before things start to fall apart. As we began to have more arguments about religion, I started to question whether this relationship was actually Allah’s (God’s) intention for me. With such varied opinions could we ever truly and completely find peace within each other? How would we raise our children? Were we even a match or had we been together so long that we were just comfortable?

I started praying for Allah (God) to give me some sort of sign to let me know what I should do because I knew marriage was the next step. Many weeks went by and I had a few weird dreams; where he and I would be going somewhere and for some reason he would just go without me.  Each time I woke up from these dreams feeling like Allah (God) was trying to tell me something but I always just ignored them. Then one night I had a dream that he broke up with me. When I woke up I was in a panic and the scene was engraved into my memory. This dream wasn’t hazy or unclear like the others had been. I felt every feeling and recorded every detail.

Just then I remembered my father said that sometimes you can use the Qur’an for specific guidance to your problems.  So I then I walked over to my bookshelf and grabbed the Qur’an. Before I opened it I took out the book mark and I prayed the most sincere prayer I had ever prayed and asked “Allah if you’re trying to tell me something please make it plain because I can’t end my four year relationship based off a dream. I need clear guidance for this decision will change my life forever.”

I opened the Qur’an and the first words I read were do not take non-Muslims or over Muslims as a spouse. As I slammed the book closed you can imagine my astonishment to have read these words that answered my specific problem. I thought to myself could Allah actually be using this Qur’an to speak to me or is this just a coincidence.  The only way to know for sure is to try again so I open the Qur’an to a random page and my eyes were drawn to read in Chapter 16: The BEE second half of verse 13 “…Surely there is a sign in this for a people who are mindful”.

After reading that there was no turning back, Allah (God) had given me a clear message that I couldn’t deny no matter how much I didn’t like his answer. Three weeks later my boyfriend broke up with me exactly the way it happened in the dream and even though I was beyond devastated I was able to go on because Allah (God) had warned me.

Always remember that God does answer prayers just be sure you are sincere in wanting to receive his true answer.


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