Connected to the Source…..

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Connected To The Source:

I was home late one Saturday evening watching TV with my mother, when Miami Crime Stoppers came on. I was half-way paying attention to the TV because quite frankly hearing, “the suspect is described as a young black male” infuriated me. The show is mostly focused on solving unresolved homicides in the city I call home, Miami, FL. It’s a shame how immune I was to receiving and hearing bad news because of this “culture” in my native city. As I reluctantly half-way listened to the show and proceeded to check my phone, I heard my mother say “Who is this man that these people are talking about?” I quickly looked up to try to answer her question, and then she quickly blurted out “Everyone is saying such great things about him.” By everyone my mother was referring to a few church members, his two daughters, and his beloved wife.

I don’t remember the man’s name to save my life, but I do remember his miraculous story. The man was in his fifties and had come over to America from his country to establish a better life for him and his family. If you’re like me, you know far too many people with this exact story in South Florida. The man was above anything else, invested in his faith and connected to the source which is proven through his amazing story. On one morning as he was going to open up a local laundry mat that he had established, he was approached by “a young black male.” The young black male pulled up shortly after he had opened his doors for business at 7:00am. The young black male asked the man if the laundry mat was opened, and he replied yes. The young black male then proceeded to go to his trunk after quickly entering and exiting the convenience store next door, then re-entered the laundry mat. As the man was going to open his office door, the young black male approached him and shot him three times. The first shot delivered was in the stomach, the second was to his left arm, and the third was in the back of the head in front of this man’s laundry mat. After the suspect fired the last shot to the back of the mans head, he proceeded to drag the man’s body out of the view of his entry doors to a blind-spotted area. The man was smart so he had very good surveillance of the inside and outside of his establishment.

After the young black male had senselessly shot and assaulted this man, he fled from the scene with the same brisk walk in his step from when he had first arrived. Now anyone who knows me knows that I do not like violence; Not for entertainment, and certainly not in real life. Watching this man very vividly receive three shot wounds while maliciously being then left for dead was beyond belief. I’d like to mention that this young black male came in casual dress to carry out his crime; with no face mask at all. You all would never believe it, but this man survived. After three gun shot wounds, with one of them being to the head, he survived. This attempted murder was one of the most horrific crimes I had witnessed in my life. Now I know what you’re saying, “It was on TV, and youweren’t physically there” which is true. However, like most of us human beings, I have the capacity be empathetic at the core of my being. “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” and Dr. King said that. Witnessing this man who was left for dead GET UP off his laundry mat floor after three gun shot wounds to ask for help next door was AMAZING to see.

The man then appeared on the show censored in appearance to talk about how he got enough strength to get up and seek help. He said that he had said a prayer to God to give him the strength to get up, and held on to his crucifix. The man made it through after being unconscious and heinously shot several times for no reason. I share this story with you readers to reaffirm that anything can happen. Bad things don’t just happen to bad people, they can also happen to innocent good people. This man survived because he was a good person, but more importantly he survived because he was Connected to The Source. For whatever reason, I was in a position to watch and retain this miraculous true story. I will never forget the man, or his dedication to his faith. I’ll leave you by saying that life is unpredictable and sometimes unfair, but you must be the absolute best person that you can be. The best of you has nothing to do with what you give yourself, but it is significantly reliant on what you are able to leave others with. I believe that if this man had not survived, he would have still felt that he lived a fulfilled life. This man who I will never forget has left me with inspiration, compassion, and an unyielding faith to keep pushing through life, even if you have to bite the bullet sometimes, literally. Whoever your God is I say to you stay connected, because you never know when you’ll be called to redeem your source. Stay lifted. God Bless.


Zeba Khan

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  1. Zeba Khan says:

    God bless my brotha Artiium for this blog, and this opportunity. Im humbled more than you. Also, thank you to any readers out there. Stay lifted.

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