Faith: Daring to go where the eyes can’t see…..

“Faith see’s the invisible, believes in the incredible, and receives the impossible” ~ Anonymous

I typically don’t consider myself a motivational speaker or anything of that nature, but this topic of discussion came to me as I was reading. I glanced at my bookmark and was inspired (The quote from above is from the bookmark). As you grow older and work towards achieving your goals, you run into obstacles (especially with the economy, for many of my friends, myself included, finding that job you want is a big obstacle). This job hunt journey has brought me closer to my faith and recognizing HIS powers as my source of strength, (I also wanted to live up to that title I wear as a Muslim, because God knows I have sinned and acted other than a reflection of HIM) this journey has tested my “Faith”.

The question I began to ask myself was, “What is Faith?”. I turned to my Bible, found an answer by Paul, the apostle, he said (Hebrews 11:1) “FAITH IS THE SUBSTANCE OF THINGS HOPED FOR, AND THE EVIDENCE OF THINGS NOT SEEN.” Good definition, so I thought harder and turned to my teachings provided by The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. I studied and seen that Faith has an essence in whichever substance you desire, and Faith is the substance of the thing that you hope for. I went further to see that there is not a thing in existence, that was not first, a thought in mind. All things are thoughts, these things we see, were once thoughts that have been manifested by someone. The best example is God, everything that we see in existence from this Earth to the trees outside, were first thoughts in HIS mind, then he wills it and not only does God believe he can bring it into existence, he KNOWS it, because of his confidence in His ability to produce the thing. The things we see in existence is God own Faith into action. As we all learned, Man was created in God’s image and after his likeness, which I interpret as we have the power to be a producer, the substance of the thing hoped for is the faith, the evidence which is the manifestation, is not yet seen, the evidence of your Faith has not yet come into existence but it is as real as the substance. Everyone that I talk to has planned, has thought about, we dream about it, we believe that we can bring what ever we see ourselves doing into existence. (long talks with Jamal, thanks bruh!) In that which we see, the substance that produces the thing, is the FAITH, and the faith empowers the will to make it a reality.  As long as the faith sustain the will, that which we will, shall come into existence.

I say all of this to mean, you have to see yourself being that which you desire. The desire is just the first step but our next step is to have the faith to STAY THE COURSE until you bring that goal, that dream into existence! We have to see ourselves graduating, getting that job, starting that business. The breaking of our faith happens when the first obstacle presents itself, stay the course, keep up faith! I know you may wonder why I haven’t mentioned prayer. Well the purpose of prayer from my understanding, prayer gives you the strength, the support to stay the course. Some say prayer changes things, you right it does, it changes the quality of your faith. You can pray all day for a job, or girlfriend or new car etc, but unless you WORK your prayer you will not get nothing. Go in a room and pray for a car, and do nothing, (I’ll wait for you and see if you get that car) but work that prayer, find a job, or a way to make money, and watch how God provide you with the strength and support to save up and get that car. Your work or what you have produced so far is evidence of your faith, the Good Book puts it this way, (American King James Version, James 2:18)”Yes, a man may say, You have faith, and I have works: show me your faith without your works, and I will show you my faith by my works.” I hope I’m clear on this.

Very important point I learned is that faith in ourselves will not do, we must have faith in a source that is bigger than us, the Heavenly Father (God). An example of Faith, go to the story of Peter when Jesus called him to walk the water, (imagine being called to walk on water) but as long as Peter kept his eye on the master he could walk, but the minute he took his eyes off the master (we run into difficulty or become distracted or thinking “I’M doing it) he started drowning, but when his attention was on the man that called him to faith he had no problem walking. Moses is a great example, he had to use a rod to beat pharaoh (For those that don’t know, Pharaoh was the most powerful ruler of that time, he would be like the USA of his time). At first, Moses was timid to use the rod, but as he used it and saw God was backing him, he became stronger in his faith to use the rod. I compare his rod to be symbolic of our talents and skills that we are blessed with. Do we have enough Faith in God to use our talents or skills and make it happen! Or will we not live up to our potential because we was scared to trust in God? When you have Faith in God NOTHING can get in your way, because you have FAITH!

I have to thank The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan for a deeper understanding of “Faith” he did a whole lecture and it inspired me to think deep, you can get the lecture if you click HERE. I hope these words from your brother inspired you, if they did, please recommend or email this blog to a friend who needs uplifting. Also you can subscribe to this blog by submitting your email on the “Home”  page. I thank you for your time.

Remember There are two sides to a story and be a blessing to some one!!


4 Responses to “Faith: Daring to go where the eyes can’t see…..”
  1. Faith: Daring to go where the eyes can’t see….

    I realy found this very informative and learned quite a bit from it. faith in God and the Holy spirit is so inspiring as I have discovered as I walked this journey through the dark side of humanity.

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