Is Osama Bin Laden the real enemy????

“Do not gloat when your enemy falls; when they stumble, do not let your heart rejoice” (Proverbs 24:17) *Thanks Raven for that tweet*

Throughout the social networking sites I’ve been on, I’ve read many people are in the midst of celebrating the death of what they perceive as an enemy, Osama Bin Laden. Since September 2001, Bin Laden has been linked to “Al-Quada” and the events of 9/11. While many people are quick to place the blame on Bin Laden, let’s examine a few “strange” events that’s happened during this attack and how we ended up in Iraq. Wouldn’t it be nice to create a War on campaign (War on Terror) that could last as long as you want it to last to get what you want? (This would be great if you owned big oil or a defense company, look at the PROFITS we could make!)

The question I asked myself was “What is Al-Qaeda?” (If that’s the enemy shouldn’t I know who they are?) After researching and reading, my findings lead me to Richard Clark, former White House terrorism adviser,  he said that the term Al-Qaeda was created by the C.I.A (Central Intelligence Agency) on an interview on CBS 60 Minutes. So now that’s strike 1 against the US. The second question I asked, ‘Where is Al-Qaeda located?’ Remember, after 9/11 they said the hijackers were from Saudi-Arabia and that Afghanistan was the home base? Well, how did we end up in Iraq? (I’m going somewhere just hang with me lol). Clarke said,  “As early as the day after the attacks, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld was pushing for retaliatory strikes on Iraq” (I thought the hijackers were from Saudi Arabia). Hmmm Rumsfeld (Research shows he owned shares of companies that received big defense contracts from the US Gov’t Chemicals Inc, St. Paul Companies Inc. just to name a few) What a quowinky dink! He was the Secretary of DEFENSE and the DEFENSE companies he happen to have shares in get the contracts….Strike 2

Remember former President Bush? Yeah, the guy who took the most vacations of any president and put America in a huge  deficit, yeah him! Did you know that the Bush family and Saudi family (Bin Ladens) have a GREAT relationship? The same Bin Laden’s that America “Hate’s”? YEAHHHH. According to Vanity Fair magazine October 2003 story, “Saving the Saudi’s” they state “How was it possible that, just as President Bush declared a no-holds-barred global war on terror (there’s that phrase again!!) that would send hundreds of thousands of U.S. troops to Afghanistan and Iraq, and just as Osama bin Laden became Public Enemy No. 1 and the target of a worldwide manhunt, the White House would expedite the departure of so many potential witnesses, including two dozen relatives of the man behind the attack itself?” Hmmm what’s up with that Strike 3 US Gov’t YOUR OUT!!!!!!

There’s more to be added but this is just a hint of truth to get you to reexamine the celebration of a man that we been told is an enemy of America. Yes, he may have done wrong, but do we know why we’re rejoicing in his death?  We should have a new enemy to take his spot; how about The Bush family who have profited off the death of innocent soldiers in Iraq on the basis of a LIE.

Remember this is the same gov’t that gave the Indians diseases to take their land, gave African-American men syphilis for a study (The Tuskegee Syphilis experiment), the same gov’t (CIA) behind the crack epidemic that killed millions of people, so do you honestly think, they wouldn’t lie on  a man to get billions of dollars through their oil business???

Please comment and subscribe. Please let me know, I’m aiming to be FACTUAL and CORRECT as possible.

Be a blessing to someone today!!!!!!!!

Seeker of Truth,


8 Responses to “Is Osama Bin Laden the real enemy????”
  1. Your wife ;) says:

    I LOVE THISSSSSS! you have brought great factual points to the forefront. Got me thinking A LOT! Lol I love it and I love YOU! 

    • thertm says:

      Thank you for the love “My Wife” I wonder who you are?? hmmmmm (lol) Thinking is what I’m trying to insure we all do, with God’s permission!

  2. ScientificQadr says:

    Peace Soldier.Yes Sir! Get the People Thinking we Must Challenge this Ignorance that they are feeding the Masses. We Must Stand on Truth, Speak Truth and Defend Truth Regardless Whom or What.

    • thertm says:

      Peace Sir, thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts and findings! The first step towards freedom is eradicating ignorance….

  3. Dana M. Ford says:


    You are off to a great start. We have always discussed such topics in college and I admire your diligence and valor when it comes to seeking and sharing the truth with your peers. I heard some say, “If Osama is really dead and the war is over, then our troops should be coming home.” I am waiting to see how long it takes are troops to come home. Also, I think this is a tactic to get us to lose focus on the real issues; ECONOMY, GAS PRICES, EDUCATION, HEALTH CARE, and the like. In the last week the news has been nothing but “The Royal Wedding”, NBA Finals, and now the “Death of Osama Bin Laden.” I have yet to hear anything about the hundred of thousand graduates who will be unemployed and have loans to repay in six months; the homeless victims in New Orleans and in Alabama.

    The older I get the wiser I become, but that is true for everyone. I just hope that we (NATION) can repent and turn from our wicked ways and humble ourselves, so that we can hear from the all mighty.

    With Peace & Love,

  4. Man_Of_ Finance$$$A.W.B says:

    Very informative peace of work. Well written.

    However, how would you going about to explain how did they get these individuals to crash planes into the WTC.

  5. Your favorite izm neo says:

    Dang, iz! That was really on point. I really didn’t know most of that. Really makes you question a lot of things our Govt does. I agree with the comment by “Dana M. Ford”. The majority of the news is a distraction from all the real life negatives in this country. The media would rather showcase a wedding or find Obama’s birth certificate than talk about the large number of ppl who are homeless in the south due to recent tornadoes. It’s always been like this. The news on television has really brought itself down to the level of supermarket tabloids: distracting you before it’s too late.


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